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Firemen of the Cheshire Fire Department visit Macclesfield Ward

Firemen of the Cheshire Fire Department came to the Macclesfield congregation recently and attended the Aaronic Priesthood meetings which were hosted by the Young Men.

Chesterfield give Helping hands to the Catholic Eyre Chapel

A team of members and missionaries from Chesterfield performed a Helping Hands day of service project at Eyre chapel, owned by the Catholic Church, in Newbold.

The YSA’s of Europe go to the rescue – Panni’s Story

Viki seeks inspiration to invite a friend to the Gospel. She then decides to invite her friend Panni to a Book of Mormon Presentation. Panni will respond positively to the message of the Gospel.

Canterbury members rally for little Sabine

Sometimes the smallest people can make the biggest impact, and for the members of the Canterbury congregation, little Sabine White is making quite the impact indeed.

Dudley Hill Ward's hard work reaps rewards with 150 ancestors discovered

Such is the enthusiasm at the Dudley Hill congregation in Leeds, that all the members took up the challenge to find names of their deceased ancestors and then attend the temple to complete the required work.