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Tickets on Sale This Week for 2016 Mormon Tabernacle Choir European Tour

Choir to perform in Berlin, Nuremberg, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Rotterdam

If I can do it,​ so can you! – Tommaso

Tommaso does missionary work by dubbing and sharing Church videos.

Creating a Gospel Sharing Home

Elder Ballard explains to the members of the church how it is they can create a gospel sharing home.

2016 Area Plan Letter from the Area Presidency

Christ wishes all to come to Him. Set your goals.

Area Plan 2016 - Video

Christ wishes all to come to Him. Set your goals.


The Church handbook of Instructions states that “Self-reliance is the ability, commitment, and effort to provide the spiritual and temporal necessities of life for self and family. 

Edinburgh Charity Committee

The committee meets once or twice a month, depending on the number of activities it is involved in, and over the past two years has supported several different charities. Their work is continuing to grow as they look for new projects that will benefit from their help.